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Public Health Training


The Public Health Academy delivers an intensive one-day introductory course on public health. The course introduces the basic theory, concepts and methods of public health. It demonstrates how these concepts can be applied practically to improve the health of populations.


For organisations that are responsible for improving the health and well-being of populations, it is crucial to have a skilled workforce. Ensuring that staff are trained and have a basic understanding of public health concepts is not only essential to the effective functioning of the work unit but also ensures the best outcomes for the population that they are serving.

What we do

What is PUblic Health ?

Public Health is the art and science of preventing disease prolonging life and promoting health

WHO is this course FOR?

It is suitable for all levels of staff who work in public health programs.

COurse format

An intensive one day course specifically designed to meet the training needs of a busy workforce.


The course is delivered by highly qualified public health specialists with many years of practical experience 

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