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Public Health Training

The Public Health Academy delivers half day courses on Public Health and Outbreak Management. Courses have been delivered across the country to a range of participants including staff working at health departments, emergency management and the federal government. 


Courses on offer


Core Concepts of Public Health

Half Day Course

Learn key concepts in public health, major public health issues and approaches to deal with them in this half-day course. The course is an excellent professional development opportunity for anyone who is interested in developing or strengthening their knowledge of public health.

You will learn key tools of public health and understand terms and jargon used in public health. The course introduces 6 important public health topics.

  • Public Health Delivery

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Basic Epidemiology

  • Non-Communicable Diseases

  • Communicable Diseases

  • Risk Assessment


The course is taught in a very clear and easy-to-understand way, supported by videos, case scenarios and interactive exercises.​

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Outbreak Management

Half Day Course

Go behind the scenes of communicable disease outbreaks and learn how they are detected, investigated and managed.

This half day course is ideal for anyone who is interested

in developing or consolidating their knowledge of communicable disease outbreak management.

With real-life examples drawn from local and international outbreaks, you will learn the key steps in outbreak management, basic analytical methods, control strategies,risk communication and escalation of the response.

The course will use a multi-platform approach using videos, case-studies and interactive group exercises to make understanding the concepts easy, relevant and engaging. Participants will run through a simulated outbreak investigation to exercise the skills that they have learnt.

If you are interested in any of the courses, please register your interest here. Please specify which course you are interested in.

Thank you! We'll keep you posted!

For any inquiries about the courses on offer, please contact us at

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